Music for Use

Music for Use

Stuff I Like

Sometimes it’s difficult to find good gear for composition and music production purposes, especially when shopping online means that you’ll need to order things sight unseen. Here’s a list of stuff that I like—gear that makes my life and my work a little easier. If you decide to buy something on this list, I’ll get a small kickback via an affiliate link, which helps support the operation of Music for Use. 

Music Gear

AKG K240 Semi-Open Headphones

Affordable, reliable headphones that sound great (you’ll probably want to use an external audio interface or headphone amp to power them, however). My pair have served me well for about seven years. 

M-Audio Keystation Mini (32 Key Portable Keyboard)

This is a great small MIDI interface. It's durable, but is bigger than most “portable” options, so I don‘t think it’s exceptionally well suited for mobile use. I use mine as an easily reachable note input keyboard that lives on my desk. 

Software and Services


Great online backup with unlimited storage, which is important for those of us who have to store a lot of files (samples, audio, project files, etc.) —you should really get this. It might save you a lot of pain later on, and only gets more valuable over time. Plus it’s $5 a month or $50 a year, which is basically how much you’d spend replacing terrible cheap external hard drives after they fail in a year or two anyway. 


last updated 5.14.2015