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Music for Use Project: Composer Questionnaire

Name *
Which school program did you work with?
Previous Experience *
Do you have previous experience working with younger music students (writing for or teaching)?
Please give a title and describe the instrumentation of your piece. If relevant, also give a brief concept summary.
Did you feel prepared to approach composition for young musicians?
Briefly describe the biggest challenges of the project for you. This can be about the administration/organization of the Project or about working with your particular partner school and director.
Briefly describe anything you consider to be a significant success about your participation in the project.
Briefly describe which parts of the project you felt went smoothly, and which parts of the project you'd like to see improve if possible.
Future Participation *
If given the chance, would you like to participate in the Project again in the future?
Recommendation *
Would you recommend participation in the project to other student composers?
Publishing *
If given the opportunity, would you consider making the piece you wrote for the Project available for purchase and distribution?
Career *
Do you plan to make composition for young ensembles part of your career?
If you have anything else to say about the project, please include that here.