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News and UpdatesCooper Ottum

Recent visitors to Music for Use may have noticed some changes to the site, particularly the visual design but also the overall layout. It's a new year, so it's also a great opportunity to make some long-needed changes. 

To help familiarize visitors (new and old) to the changes, here's a summary:

  • all score downloads, including free scores, will now be done through the "Store" (UPDATE: I changed my mind about this. Free scores are available via the "Free Resources" link at the foot of the site)
  • the "Clients" page for marching band clients is easily accessible at the foot of any page
  • the new landing page is "Latest," with a summary of what's new around Music for Use HQ and links to currently relevant information throughout the site
  • the Music for Use Project material is thus far unchanged
  • other nips, tucks, and simplifications are forthcoming, so keep an eye out

Thanks for visiting Music for Use, and I hope that the site continues to be helpful. Let me know what you think about the changes!