Music for Use

Music for Use

New Marching Band Chorale

Music, Marching BandCooper Ottum

I'm pleased to share a new marching band chorale today. Before I say anything, feel free to listen to the realization (it's short) and download the PDF score to follow along, if you like:

Download the PDF score here

Now that we're all on the same page — this piece is a short chorale designed to challenge a marching ensemble to play tastefully and in tune within the context of non-traditional harmonies and contrapuntal movement. In contemporary marching band and drum corps, this type of chord movement is common, yet most warm-up chorales are based on traditional harmony, and cycle through the same familiar keys. 

I called the piece Petrichor because I found that the chord movement here evokes a kind of introspection, something that I came to associate with the cleansing rains that transition summer into fall. 

As always, this chorale is free to use (see more free marching band warm-up chorales on this page), but please respect my copyright by keeping the unmodified music credited to me and to Music for Use. Enjoy, and let me know what you think on twitter or through the contact form