Music for Use

Music for Use

The Listening List, Vol. 3

Cooper Ottum

The Listening List, Vol. 3 on Rdio

(if you need it, here’s a link to sign up for Rdio, which I’m still pushing as the best streaming service, because it isn’t all pushy about the Facebook junk and isn’t ad-supported)

This is a weird one, I guess.

Some highlights:

  • Kathleen Edwards, a Canadian singer-songwriter I heard about because of her collaboration with John Roderick (who else?) on this video.
  • A sweet EP from Sufjan Stevens. The title track is great.
  • More Sufjan: his “state project” album Michigan, which is good, but not as good as Illinois. In general, I’ve found myself fond of Sufjan’s overblown-yet-regimented weird.
  • The xx, which, while having an unnecessarily enigmatic name, has a pretty necessarily enigmatic sounding album here with Coexist.

There’s also some stuff that didn’t grab my attention, like Home Again, from Michael Kiwanuka (fine, but not particularly riveting) and the Life of Pi soundtrack (which doesn’t need my praise anyway; Mychael Danna won an Academy Award for it).

Enjoy. The next one will materialize in… a few weeks.