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Music for Use

The Listening List, Vol. 2

Cooper Ottum

The Listening List, Vol. 2 on Rdio

(if you need it, here's a link to sign up for Rdio)

This is the long-time-coming follow-up to my previous post on Listening Lists. I've actually made several at this point, but as a completist (sort of), I feel the need to continue in numerical order, despite the fact that I've long since moved on to other lists.

Some highlights from Vol. 2 include:

  • Steve Reich's Four Organs, which is awesome
  • A John Vanderslice album I'm not nearly as fond of as White Wilderness (a favorite from Vol. 1)
  • Possibly my biggest album-crush Antifogmatic, from the amazing Punch Brothers
  • A Josquin mass
  • Cassandra's Dream Song (required listening)

As a note, I don't use Spotify, so you won't see these Listening Lists over there, unless a crazy person (that's not me) replicates them.

Don't forget to come back for Vol. 3, which will (hopefully) be posted in fewer than several months.